Newsletter stack for selling

How to setup your newsletter when planning to sell

Great question with an equal great answer. A newsletter is a very easy asset to transfer. And therefore interesting for buying and selling.

Answer to Rob’s question.

  1. You need two things for your tech stack. 1. start/grow newsletter 2. easy way to transfer assets when selling.
  2. You need a tool for sending and capturing emails. Doesn’t really matter what tool you use because as long as you can export the list. (Mailchimp, Mailerlite, substack they all do that). 
  3. Your landing page used for capturing emails can be several tools. I use Carrd which you easily can transfer to another owner. But plain HTML, WordPress they all work as long as you keep asset transfer in mind. 
  4. Let’s say you use Carrd and Mailerlite (the ones I use). When it’s time to sell, you transfer the email list and transfer Carrd site ownership and you’re done. (For the Carrd migration check here.

This setup is like what most newsletter creators are using. So basic stack makes it perfect for transferring to another owner. I would always make sure the content in tools I use are easy to transport or transfer.

If you want to understand how to valuate or price your newsletter when selling check this blog post here or go directly to the Duuce newsletter valuation tool.